The Sabre Trust Equality Policy

1. Policy Objectives

1.1 The Sabre Trust is committed to the principles of equality of opportunity and

is responsible for ensuring that no applicants, employees, volunteers, staff,

office holders and participants (collectively known as Stakeholders) are

unlawfully discriminated against because of age, disability, gender

reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race,

religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (“Protected Characteristics”)

1.2 In addition The Sabre Trust recognises that we live in a diverse society and

will endeavour wherever practical to hold events in a variety of venues so as

not to disadvantage through socio-economic backgrounds.

1.3 The Sabre Trust will encourage partner organisations, clubs etc to take

equality issues seriously.

2. Purpose of the policy

2.1 This policy has been produced to try to prevent and address any unlawful

discrimination or other unfair treatment, whether intentional or unintentional,

direct or indirect, against Stakeholders that may preclude them from participating

fully in fundraising or sport-related activities.

3. Legal Requirements

3.1 The Sabre Trust is required by law not to unlawfully discriminate against its

stakeholders and recognises its legal obligations under, and will abide by the

requirements of the Equality Act 2010, and seek to keep updated regarding

amendments to legislation.

3.2 This policy will be reviewed annually and advice sought to make sure it

reflects current legislation.

4. Discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation

4.1 The Sabre Trust recognises that the following are unacceptable;

 Direct Discrimination (treating someone less favourably than you would

treat others because of a protected characteristic).

 Indirect Discrimination (applying a provision, criterion or practice which, on

the face of it, applies equality to all but which, in practice can disadvantage

individuals with a particular characteristic). Such requirements or

conditions are lawful only if they can be objectively justified.

 Harassment (engaging in unwanted conduct relating to a relevant

Protected Characteristic or unwanted conduct of a sexual nature where

the conduct had the purpose or effect of violating the recipient’s dignity or

creating an intimidating hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive

environment for the recipient, or any other individual affected by such

conduct). The Sabre Trust is committed to ensure that its stakeholders are

able to conduct their activities free from harassment.

 Bullying (the misuse of power or position to criticise persistently or to

humiliate and undermine an individual’s confidence)

 Victimisation (subjecting someone to a detriment because he or she has in

good faith taken action under the Equality Act 2010 by bringing

proceedings, giving evidence or information that a person has contravened

the Equality Act 2010.)

The Sabre Trust regards discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation as

described as above, as serious misconduct. All complaints will be taken seriously

and appropriate measures including disciplinary action may be brought against any

stakeholder who unlawfully discriminates against, harasses, bullies or victimises any

other person.

5. Reasonable Adjustments

5.1 When any decision is made about an individual, the only personal characteristics

that may be taken into account are those that are consistent with any relevant

legislation and are relevant to the substance of the decision made

5.2 The Sabre Trust has at its primary focus disabled fencers, so has a duty of care

to make reasonable adjustments for the processing of applications for funds and the

running of any fundraising events by The Sabre Trust.

6. Responsibility, implementation and communication

6.1 The Trustees of The Sabre Trust are responsible for ensuring that this policy is

implemented, followed and reviewed and any breaches are dealt with.

6.2 The Trustees will appoint an ‘Equality Champion’, to ensure equality is considered

as part of committee procedures, processes and decision-making.

6.3 The Chairman has the overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy.

6.4 All stakeholders have the responsibility to respect, follow and promote the spirit

and intentions of this policy. Employees will have equality included into their

appraisal process.

6.5 No applicant for any post will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or

conditions that are unnecessary for the effective execution of duties related to the post.

6.6 The policy will be made available for all staff, Trustees and volunteers via the

Sabre Trust website.

6.7 The Sabre Trust will promote continuing professional development for all staff

and volunteers with regard to equality issues.

7. Actions

7.1 The Sabre Trust will produce and review an Equality Action Plan.

8. Monitoring and Evaluation

8.1 The Equality Policy will be reviewed annually and remain in force until amended

or replaced.

8.2 The Equality Action Plan will be created and reviewed annually.

9. Complaints

9.1 Any individual who believes that they have suffered inequitable treatment within

the scope of this Equality Policy may raise the matter to the Chairman or Equality


9.2 Appropriate action will be taken against any stakeholder who violates this policy.

9.3 Any individual raising an issue will not be penalised for doing so unless it is

untrue and not made in good faith.